Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Paleo Waffle (1/4 C. Batter) w/1tsp. Pure Maple Syrup

Seared Scallops (6oz)
Carrot Soup w/Ras el Hanout
Handful of Grape Tomatoes
Slice of Rosemary-Fig Nutty Bread

This bread has been going strong in our fridge for just over a week now (I store it in a tupperware container) and I'm thinking it should be good for a few more days. For me, it's the perfect little sweet bite I sometimes crave, post-meal.

Three Scrambled Eggs (Omega-3)
Carrot Soup w/Ras el Hanout 
Handful of Grape Tomatoes

I've officially eaten everything edible out of our fridge...I will definitely need to go grocery shopping tomorrow. I did, however, pick up a dozen eggs after CrossFit...hence the scrambled egg dinner.

CrossFit Workout:
400M Run
100M Run (Backwards)

Five Rounds of Max Rep:
Bench Press (75lb)
Pull Ups

50-40-30-20-10 of:
Double Unders
Sit Ups (Unanchored)


*A 3 second improvement over last months time...I'm going for sub 9:00 tomorrow (note to self...wear better jump roping pants). Scott beat me by about 30 seconds last time, so tomorrow I will present him with our very own little "Annie"-off! It's on!

This is for you, Scott:

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