Friday, January 15, 2010


Two Scrambled Eggs (Omega-3) w/Ground Venison (4oz)
Toasted Rosemary-Fig Nutty Bread w/1/2 tsp. Raw Honey

Banana Bread Lara Bar
Scoop of Organic SunButter

Heirloom Lettuce Wrapped Venison Burger (6oz) w/Avocado
Sweet Potato Gratin
"Creamed" Kale* (I used Ancho Chili Powder in place of the Ras el Hanout)

*This is, by far, the best way I have experienced kale! Seriously, so good!!!

My friend, and CrossFit buddy extraordinaire, Casey brought me 1.5lbs of venison, so I made us all burgers tonight. And, since I couldn't wait to sample it, I had some in my eggs this morning. Yum! I could definitely get used to this luxury.

CrossFit Workout:
Run 1 Mile

100 Sit Ups

A bunch of random rowing...on our new Concept 2 Rower! Kind of fun having that out in the garage, but it leads to random row-offs in this house. :)

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