Thursday, July 15, 2010


Two Eggs Scrambled in Bacon Fat
Bacon (1 slice)

Leftover Buffalo Burger (4oz)
Head of Red Leaf Lettuce w/Vinaigrette (Citrus Champagne Vinegar)
Pink Lady Apple

Beef Jerky (1oz)

Chicken (3oz) w/Spinach (3 Cups) and Goat Cheese* (1oz)

*Leave out the goat cheese, to make it more Paleo-friendly.

Pink Lady Apple
2T. Organic SunButter

Tonight I did this garage WOD with my husband, who happens to LOVE double unders (yeah...he's crazy!)...his WOD choice (courtesy of CrossFit LA):

With a running clock complete:
500 Double Unders (I ended up doing 1/2 for 250 DUs)
5 Burpees every minute, on the minute

Really? Yes. Ughhh!!! So, I started this WOD with good intentions and ended with 125 Double Unders, 500 Singles (the "equivalent" of 125 double unders), 50 Burpees, and some insane welts and lashes on my triceps (it sort of looks like I've got two triceps...weird...). I decided to save my arms from the abuse and sub in singles for the rest of my jump rope. Why do I get welts on my triceps, when I miss? I was having the most frustrating time with double unders, something that I've actually gotten pretty good at. I just felt like my body was totally out of sync with my mind on this one. Whatever the case, this was a really good workout and the 100+ temperature made for a good sweat session. I just think that any workout with burpees on the minute is going to be brutal and this one was no different.

Have you ever thrown "burpees on the minute, every minute" into your WOD? 


Scott said...

Your jump rope was too long.

Becky said...

Two eggs and ONE slice of bacon? Um, Jen, EAT! :)

jencereghino said...

I had intentions of eating two more slices, but choked on a little niblet of my first bite of bacon piece #1 and decided it best to forgo bacon slices 2 and 3. :) I think it was Penelope (my 4H pig from back in the day) coming back to haunt me...