Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back From The East Coast and Newfoundland

My mom (Linda), aunt (Cindy), cousin (Katelyn), and I just got back from an awesome two-week trip to the East Coast (from Portland, ME to Boston, MA) and Canada (Newfoundland)...here are a few pics!

Katelyn, Aunt Jean, Me, Cindy, and Mom

Portland Lobster Co. (Portland, ME)

Lobster Salad From Portland Lobster Co.

Lobster Roll

Crab Salad

Aunt Jean, Uncle Alan, and The Girls


The Girls in Cape Elizabeth, ME

Katelyn and Her Lobster

Fresh Maine Lobster

Citrus-Basil Mojito at Vignola's (Portland, ME)

Maine Lobster at Vignola's

Portland Headlight (Cape Elizabeth, ME) with The Girls

Portland Headlight

Kayaking in Portland, ME (Peaks Island)

Newick's (on the drive from Portland, ME to Boston, MA)

We Shared Lobster Soup, Clam Chowder, and Clam Strips

Beantown Pub for Breakfast (Boston, MA)

Getting Fueled for Our Red Line Walk (Boston, MA)

Sam Adam's Red Brick Ale

Three Poached Eggs w/Bacon (rye toast was eaten by The Girls)

Chardonnay w/Dinner at Legal Seafood

Maryland Crabcakes (the best ever!!!)

8lb Lobster w/Oysters, Shrimp, and a Huge Salad (yes...we shared)

Mixed Greens w/Walnut-Crusted Goat Cheese (no dressing)

Grilled Salmon w/Broccoli (mom ate the farro salad)

Thumbs Up Creamery (Northborough, MA)

Ice Cream Cone

Happy Hour at The Hilton Garden Inn (Portland Airport)

Cabela's (Portland, ME)

Burger w/Bacon and Blue Cheese (no bun) from Sebaggo (I ate this three times while in Portland)

Off to Newfoundland...Canada that is!

We didn't see any moose...

but...we ate some! Aunt Armorel's Moose Stew

And then there were Scrunchions...

Traditional Newfoundland Fare- Cod w/Scrunchions, Potatoes, and Brewis 
(I ate the fish and scrunchions with salad)

Touring Around Newfoundland w/Aunt Armorel (88 and still spunky as can be!)

We stayed really active this trip and I was able to throw in a few CrossFit workouts along the way. As far as eating is concerned, my only real "bad" eating/consumption was a few (yes...I really only had a few) beers, three ice cream cones, and a mug of hot cocoa (with a bunch of mini marshmallows). So, I feel really good after this trip! I made it a point to not eat any grains (with exception to the few beers), which I'm sure helped me. 

With exception to our visit with Aunt Armorel, we ate out every day; I ordered burgers on several occasions (no bun) and ordered a side salad, sometimes in place of the fries, other times not. I ordered poached eggs for breakfast or found places that had prepackaged salads with grilled chicken and/or hard boiled eggs (no dressing or oil and vinegar). Protein seems to be pretty easy to come by, when traveling...veggies don't. I brought kale chips, made a point to eat a lot of salad, and we ordered steamed broccoli on a few occasions, but I felt like that was the hardest part for me...

What do you do to ensure that you're getting enough veggies while you travel? 


Scott said...

A few pics? Whew! At least you are back in business, I was starting to eat fast food without your direction.....or should I say, since you were out of town:-). I got my taco bell fill for the next 6 months....mmmmm beefy 5 layer burrito!!

Trixie said...

Good to have you back! Great photos! I got married this past Saturday and have had family in. We have been entertaining and eating out all week. It really has been hard. I sort of am okay w/ gaining a 1lb or so because we're having so much fun. Way to much ice-cream etc.

jencereghino said...

Congratulations, Trixie!!!

I'm with you on the random indulgences...I eat well so that I feel and perform my best, but I also like to splurge a little now and then. I think that once you get your eating and workouts 'dialed in', life has to be about balance and listening to your body.

Trixie said...

Thanks Jen!
Yeah,now my body is telling me no more ice-cream:)

Brandon said...

Hey I have seen you a couple of times at Crossfit Richardson, and you may have met my wife, but love what you're doing here. I have just started the Paleo diet and there are not a lot of great resources out there so keep it up. My blog is http://gadoci.me and Twitter is http://twitter.com/bgadoci.