Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Really Wish That I Loved to Run...

Three Eggs Scrambled w/Goat's Milk Butter and Avocado (1/4 Large)

Coconut Cream Pie Larabar

"Naked Burrito" from Qdoba w/Lettuce, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Squash, Pico, Jalapeno, Cilantro, Tomatillo Salsa, Roasted Poblano Vinaigrette, and Guacamole

I ate this salad at about 2:30pm and worked out and 3:30pm, before heading back to The Mat...not the ideal pre-WOD it felt like my insides (right beneath my sternum, to be exact) were on fire. That made my running experience that much more pleasurable...but, at least I was fueled!

Roasted Turkey Breast (4oz)
Cucumber (1 Large)
Handful (10-12) of Terra Chips (no, they're not Paleo, but every once in awhile I get a craving for something crunchy and salty, so...I grabbed a bag)

I stopped by Whole Foods, on my way home and decided to just grab something that I didn't have to prepare.

3 Minutes of Jumprope

800M Run
40 Sit Ups (unanchored)
40 Supermans
400M Run
40 Kettlebell Swings (35lb)
40 Ring Rows
800M Run


The running/jogging and ring rows got me on this workout. I actually don't really mind ring rows, but found them to be a bit more challenging post kettlebell (which I love!). And, running...ughhh!!! I just do not enjoy all! I have asthma so I blame that, a little. I have a really hard time controlling my breathing, which I think contributes to this dislike/hate. I guess it just means that I need to do it more...right!?

Hey, BJ...any tips!? :) 


Barbara said...

Running is a fickle animal. Some people love it, some can learn to love it and some plain hate it. It took me years to understand what a runners high felt like and now I crave it...

Have you ever had a real runners high? It's fairly addictive.

I suggest really motivational tunes, a bikini on your bathroom door or find a cute guy to run behind:)

BJ said...

Lol. Amazingly enough, several years ago, I absolutely despised running. But, I spent a summer working in DC. Several of the guys I worked with did PT several days a week, which consisted of running from the office, out to the National Mall, past the Washington Monument and WWII Memorial, up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (Rocky style) and then back. I think the scenery really helped me ignore the "suck" that is running and actually made it very enjoyable. After doing this several times a week, I was amazed at how my running had improved. Then, a buddy back home convinced me to try the Tulsa Run (15k) with him for the first time. So, after getting home and not having the same environment, I was able to keep motivated because I had something to train for. By the time I finished the race, I certainly realized what a "runner's high" was and I've been pretty good about keeping with it ever since.

So basically, my advice is that it really is mostly mental. You're already in great shape, so that shouldn't be limiting you at all. I'd suggest putting together a good playlist on the iPod and finding a place to go run where you can just relax, enjoy your surroundings, and lose yourself for a while (and no offense to John, but the parking lot outside CFR likely isn't that place). It'd probably also be good to find an event and set a goal to train for- likely a 10 or 15k with an ambitious target pace. It's a ways out there, but maybe joining in on the white rock marathon relay? And for my half-marathon training, I feel like the crossfit endurance and POSE running stuff really made a big difference for me.

Lsmalls21 said...

How do you only eat a handful of Terra Chips. Those things are like crack. Once the bag is open, its all over from there.

jencereghino said...

Barbara~ No, I can't say I've ever experienced "Runner's High"...I may just have to spend the $ and load my iPod, because I usually am running right behind my hot husband (we have some intense WOD competitions, but his legs are longer, so...) and that's only sort of helpful. :) I'm going to attempt the 5K that they've got marked off at our local nature preserve...the scenery is a bit more enjoyable than the parking lot at CFR. WIsh me luck!

BJ~ I knew you'd offer up some words of wisdom. :) I think I'll work on my 5K and then maybe, just maybe, do something a little more crazy. I had these grand visions of running a little every day and then just eventually "loving" it...that lasted about two weeks...I just got bored of my normal neighborhood loop and lost motivation. I would imagine that running with friends, through DC, was a lot more motivating than the areas I've been running (when I've actually done it...) around here. And, I definitely agree with you on the parking lot...

So, it sounds like I'm going to be loading up the iPod! :)

Lisa~ I know! They're SO GOOD!!! I was driving home from the store, so I just grabbed a big handful and put the bag in the back...out of reach. When I got home, I sealed up the bag and put it in the cupboard...out of sight...hoping I'd forget they were there. :)

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