Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday, Monday...

Three Egg Frittata w/Ground Buffalo (3oz) and Asparagus (3 spears)

Sashimi (8oz of Japanese Snapper, Salmon, and Yellowtail)
Sea Urchin Sushi


Coconut Cream Lara Bar

Sashimi (6oz)

Random scoop of Organic SunButter

3 Minutes of Jumprope

21-15-9 of:
Overhead Squats (65lb)
Pull Ups


I did all of my OH Squats unbroken and my pull ups are getting way stronger (I did 20 unbroken last week!), so this workout felt good...until my sensitive, girl hands ripped! My hands tore during the second round (pull up #11) and caused some pain for the rest of the WOD. Ugh!!! I honestly have no idea how CrossFitters fight through the madness that is the CrossFit Games, as I know that my torn hands are nothing, when compared to to the pain that they endure.

And, speaking of the CrossFit Games...our friend, and fellow CrossFit Richardson CrossFitter Tim, is competing this weekend in the SouthCentral Regionals! I'm really looking forward to watching it all go down. Last year's Regionals were really my first exposure to CrossFit; I'm excited to experience it all again, from a new and more appreciative perspective. I can't wait!

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