Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Week in Review

This meal remains pretty consistent, with Three Eggs (free-range, Omega-3 enriched) and Avocado (1/2 Large) or Two Eggs and Buffalo w/Avocado. Tuesday morning I ate leftovers and this morning we were out of eggs, so I ate a wad of Turkey Breast w/Avocado (1/2 Large) and a handful of Strawberries.

I love eggs and have never really been a morning sweet eater (pastries, pancakes, waffles...), so this combination of protein and fat seems to work for me. It always keeps me satisfied for at least the following 4 hours and I haven't grown tired of it...yet.

This week I ate out two times; Qdoba and Blue Fish, for sushi. The remaining days I packed a lunch of Turkey Breast w/Avocado and Apples w/Organic SunButter (the "Organic" version, as it doesn't have cane sugar).

Fisherman Soup and Mediterranean Greek Salad (Grilled Salmon instead of Calamari, no Feta, Vinaigrette on the side) at RockFish Seafood Grill
Sushi* at Fin Sushi and Sake Bar
Qdoba (yes, this was my go-to place this week...Scott and I got done working out around 6pm and were totally starving, so there you have it.)

I/we don't usually eat out this often, because (a) I like to cook, (b) restaurant food has A LOT of sodium, (c) it's expensive, and (d) I know what I'm getting in my own kitchen, but life happens and eating Paleo isn't that difficult when you're eating out. Wednesday was a working dinner with women from the yoga studio and Thursday night, Scott and I went out with our neighbor friend, Keith. And, Friday...we just didn't feel like cooking.

*The freshest, and most generous portions of, sashimi EVER!!!

Tuesday: Snatches and Burpees @ CFR
Wednesday: Yoga (took class during a 45 minute Audition and 60 minutes of Vinyasa Flow)
Thursday: Yoga (60 minutes)
Friday: "Linda" @ CFR
Saturday: Yoga (75 Minutes) for "Off The Mat into The World" at The Mat Yoga Studio

Showing off my  new tank:

All proceeds from the purchase of these tanks goes to support Jen Chitwood in her "Global SEVA Challenge".

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