Monday, April 26, 2010

Burpees, Hang Cleans, and Yoga

Small Apple
Scoop of Organic SunButter

I was frantically running to get out the door this morning and didn't have time for my usual, leisurely breakfast of Buffalo, Eggs, and Avocado...and, no coffee! Ughhh!!! I was meeting my friend, Becky, for 8am CrossFit (I usually go to the 4pm class, so this was a bit out of character for me, but that's what friends do...right, Becky?) and slept through my alarm; I just don't do this, but I think I was just a bit exhausted, because I slept heavily through the night and still didn't feel rested in the morning. Oh well, I made it to CrossFit and suffered through a brutal WOD. And, after the workout...I was ravenous! I felt like I couldn't get enough to eat.

Turkey Breast (6oz) and Avocado (1/4 Large)
Small Apple

Lamb Osso Bucco w/Baby Zucchini and Carrots

Three Rounds of:
15 Hang Cleans (85lb)
15 Burpees


I just didn't have much strength this morning. I didn't really rest last week and I think that my body was trying to send me a it, loud and clear. I can usually Hang Clean 95lbs, without much effort; this morning was a different story. So, I used 85lbs and feel good about my efforts, nonetheless.

A Burpee Video, for your viewing pleasure:

Yoga (60 Minutes)

After lunch, I decided to take a yoga class. During class, I was having a really difficult time letting go, as I found every movement to be challenging and every pose painful. My body didn't feel as fluid as it usually does, but rather stiff and inflexible. I felt frustrated and irritable, but after class was glad that I showed up; I felt energized and much more limber than previously felt. I'm positive that I feel better after my CrossFit workout, because of this class. And, I think that this experience just reiterated my earlier body needs a rest. We begin to see changes (feel stronger, look more lean, have more energy...) and so we begin to push ourselves harder, forgetting the importance of rest and just listening to your body. So, Monday night I chugged some Carlson's Fish Oil and prepared for a good night of rest and a productive day of work...with no plans of working out.


Barbara said...

Hate burpees but they work sooooo well.

jencereghino said...

They are definitely a Love-Hate sort of thing...and, I agree...they do get the job done! :)

BJ said...

Hey Jen, I've got another challenge for you- tamales! I was watching Good Eats last night and thought that those could potentially be turned into an easy paleo snack. There just needs to be something to use instead of masa (and baking powder?) in the dough. I'm not sure if almond flour or something similar might work, but figured I'd ask someone who's used to coming up with these types of things.

Glad to see you're doing well and keeping busy.

Tony said...


Just wanted to give a shout out to the birthday girl. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! One year older....ha ha ha

jencereghino said...

BJ~ Thanks for the inspiration. I've got a few ideas for this one and will have something for you by next weekend! I can't wait to experiment...I think this could be good!!! :)

jencereghino said...

Thanks, Tony! :)

BJ said...

Great, looking forward to it! And I didn't realize it was your birthday when I posted. So, happy belated birthday!