Monday, March 1, 2010

Sushi, Sushi, Sushi!

Two Egg Frittata w/Ground Buffalo (3oz) and Avocado (1/2 Large)

Lunch: @ Fin Sake and Sushi Bar
The Biggest Oyster I've Ever Seen*...was cut into pieces and tasted delicious!
Fin Spicy Tuna Roll- Spicy tuna wrapped around seaweed, wrapped around jalapeno and cucumber

Sashimi- Salmon, Yellowtail, and Flounder

Lobster-Mango Ceviche- another treat from the sushi chef...and a new favorite! A fresh mixture of lobster, citrus, jalapeno, mango, and avocado...SO GOOD!!!

The sushi chef cut the belly fat of the Salmon AND Yellowtail...YUM! We also had flounder, which included a tasting of the flounder fin. By far the best sushi (and we've eaten A LOT of sushi) we have ever eaten...always incredibly fresh!!! I used Scott's Blackberry to take these pictures, so it's not my best work...but, I think you get the picture. :)

*I actually made the comment, "Ughhh, I don't think I've ever seen, let alone eaten, an oyster that big...I don't think I could...". Next thing I know, the sushi chef has one specially prepared for me...oh good. One of the shells from these monsters was used to serve our sashimi, but to give you an idea...think of a woman's size 8 shoe...seriously! I was shocked by the size, but more shocked by the flavor and freshness.

Three Coconut Macaroons
Five Strawberries

I was craving something sweet.

A few pieces of leftover sushi

CrossFit Workout:
Row 1000M

Bench Press (65lbs)

Sitting Dumbbell Press (15lb DBs with legs at a 45 degree angle)**

Tabata Kettlebells (20lbs)
Right Arm Swings
Left Arm Swings
Right Arm Push Press
Left Arm Push Press
Right Arm Front Squat
Left Arm Front Squat
Regular Swing
Regular Swing

**I wanted to do the rest of my workout inside, out of the cold garage, so I took dumbbells and my kettlebell inside. Instead of Tabata-style, I did 20 reps of each kettlebell movement. My arms and shoulders are officially blasted!

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