Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Three Eggs Scrambled w/Avocado (1/2 Large)

Coconut Cream Pie Lara Bar

6oz Turkey Breast (nitrate/nitrite-free from Whole Foods)
Kabocha Squash (prepared like this)

CrossFit Workout:
Five Rounds of:
40 Double Unders
30 Box Jumps (20")
20 Kettlebell Swings (30lb)


This workout was a BLASTER!!! I am a huge kettlebell fan, I don't mind box jumps, and double unders, for me, are not so bad, but the combination of my lack of food intake and the fact that we were up against five rounds...I had to really push myself through this WOD. And, today (Tuesday) my calves are killing me...double unders and box jumps (I did step-ups) in Vibrams are not a good idea. For everything else...whether it be lifting weights, working out, or running errands...I LOVE these "shoes".

Are you a fan of the Vibram Five Fingers? For what activities do you use yours?


BJ said...

The cost and goofy look kept me from getting the Vibrams, but I did get some new "minimal" shoes recently and have been using them for all my running and workouts. I've really liked them. I've been trying to do the POSE running stuff lately, and they definitely let you know if you revert to landing on your heels. My calves have been constantly sore since making the switch though. Sounds like that's just part of the process of re-adapting to running the "right" way.

Scott said...

Hey BJ, Are you saying we look goofy when we wear our Vibrams??? Are you training for a run coming up? I saw you are going for 10K on thursday.

BJ said...

Not at all goofy when YOU guys wear them, but maybe a little odd when anyone else does...

I'm doing the OKC half marathon on April 25. Been focusing on training for it since pretty much the start of February. Started out just doing a standard 12-week training program. But since the time change makes it easier to do a quick run at night (and because I lost a lot of strength while focusing on running instead of crossfit), I switched to doing Crossfit Endurance stuff about 2 weeks ago. The CFE schedule had me already planning to run a 10K on Thursday, so it works out pretty well to do it when everyone else has a 5K.

jencereghino said...

BJ, that's awesome! I'm curious to see how your running changes (hopefully improving with your new shoe choice!?). Are you using the new lighter Nikes?

I've read that the Vibrams are great for runners who run "properly"...I am not one of those people, however. But, I love them for lifting, since I can actually feel my heels driving into the ground, versus staying on the balls like so many standard running shoes sort of force you to do.

I get really sore calves when I do any extended workouts, or anything involving running, box jumps, or double unders, in them...so, I try to reserve their usage to strength WODs and those not involving the previously mentioned movements.

I'm glad you don't think we look goofy in them...I was about to feel sort of self-conscious...

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