Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Really Random Day of Eating

Today I didn't feel like venturing out to the grocery store, so I ate/grazed on what I had in the house...

Three Eggs Scrambled (the fridge is now officially empty)

Small Yam w/Canned Wild Alaskan Salmon (7.5oz)

I really like this combination, but I'm thinking that it may not be for everyone. I pricked holes in my yam, placed it in a shallow bowl, put it in the microwave, and then pushed the "Potato" button. Once it was finished steaming, I topped it with my drained and rinsed salmon. Easy!

Handful of Pistachio Nuts

A Few Dried Mangoes (Unsulphured, Unsweetened from Trader Joe's)

Seaweed Salad

Scott picked up sushi tonight...phew! He must not have been too excited about the possibility of canned salmon and dried mangoes...

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