Saturday, October 24, 2009


"Nutty" Bread w/Two Poached Eggs

Carrot-Ginger Soup w/Coconut Milk and Chive Oil

Mixed Greens w/Fresh Crab Meat, Avocado, Grapefruit, Celery, and Grapefruit-Chive Vinaigrette
This salad is so amazingly good! The combination of the citrus, creamy avocado, and crunchy celery work perfectly with the crab. I made the dressing with fresh squeezed grapefruit and orange juices (just a little orange for the sweetness), shallot, sea salt, avocado oil, and chive oil (made yesterday). The ratio was about 2:1 (Citrus:Oil).

I chose lump crab (fresh not canned or preserved), because the king crab legs weren't that great looking. I've now made this salad with both King and Dungeness, and prefer the king crab for it's sweeter flavor. And, speaking of crab, both Dungeness and Alaskan King crabs are rated high on the list of "Meat/Seafood You Can Eat" (p. 102) in Loren Cordain's The Paleo Diet, due to their high protein to fat ratio (about 85 to 15).

If you're not a huge crab fan, you might try shrimp, scallops, or halibut instead.

CrossFit Workout:
Five Rounds Of:
5 Deadlift (135lbs)
10 Burpees


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