Saturday, October 24, 2009

Parsley Root

Today I experimented with a vegetable that I have never seen, tried, or even knew exhisted...parsley root. Now obviously I knew that parsley must have some sort of root system, but I didn't realize the size or edibility of such a root. So, being that I was feeling a bit adventurous, I decided to try it.

The smell is quite pungent, like the combination of a really strongly scented celery and a parsnip. I decided that I would create a soup with it, in the same way that I made the carrot soup, using parsley root and a granny smith apple instead of the carrots...I thought the tartness of the apple would pair well with the earthyiness of the root. I was wrong. Once the soup was finished, I pureed it in my cuisinart. The texture was silky and creamy, but the flavor was just not working for me. I may try this recipe again, without the addition of apple.

Althought the soup was not a success, I would like to try them again roasted. I like to roast a combination of carrots and parsnips with EVOO, sea salt, and thyme...I think that the parsley root would make a good addition to this mix. I'll let you know.

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