Sunday, October 4, 2009

Paleo Day 21

Eggs Benedict w/Savory Waffle and Two Poached Eggs
Fruit Salad

Another major cheat here...I make a pretty amazing (if I do say so myself) eggs benedict with savory (potato, gruyere cheese, and chive) waffles...which I just couldn't forgo. I know that there will always be excuses, and that one week before Hawaii I probably should have/could have been stronger :), but I wasn't. So, I ate one quarter of a waffle with two poached eggs and one tablespoon of homemade hollandaise...bad, but not horrendous. And, I say bad, but I also realize that I need to be realistic...I will certainly suffer the digestive consequences of this decision, but I enjoyed the making and consumption of this treat..and know that I will not likely do it again until either Easter or Mother's Day'm okay with that. Besides...I made up for it at dinner and am hoping that my fiber-filled dinner will help move this wad of dairy and gluten (that's funny...I almost spelled that as "glutton"...ironic) through my digestive tract. Yeah...nice.

Spinach w/Avocado, Tomato, Asparagus, Egg, and Lemon-EVOO Dressing

CrossFit Workout:
Rest Day

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