Sunday, October 18, 2009

Maui Day 7

Three Scrambled Egg Whites w/Spinach
1.5 Local Beers (we were watching football at 7am kind of came with the territory...)

We decided to have breakfast at a SportsBar/Restaurant called LuLu's so that we could eat and watch a little bit of the football action...the food was not great and the service was horrible, but besides that...we had fun! :) Afterward, we walked around Lahaina and watched some rock crabs play around in the surf.

Salmon Sashimi
Yellowtail Sashimi
Seaweed Salad

Seared Sea Scallops w/Assorted Vegetables

So, with exception to the 1.5 beers, a pretty good day of eating...I feel back to normal. Off to enjoy our last day and a half. We've been trying to get out and snorkel, but the water has been pretty rough...we'll see how today goes, but so far it's looking pretty crazy out the there and the surfers have been out since 6am this morning. Maybe we'll be riding our neon tubes again...yeah, we're pretty bad ass on those things!


Scott said...

Great pics of that sexy body surfer!! Actually, that wave crashed me into the surf pretty hard and made me temporarily deaf in my right ear!!

BTW, Jen is known around here for here amazing tubing in the waves. Look out Olympics, if a wave tubing event is put in!!!

Crossfit Richardson said...

the only diet flaw with today is that you did not finish your second beer. beer and eggs?! consider me curious...

jencereghino said...

Yes. Beer and eggs...kind of like toast and eggs, but the grains are in liquid form. It makes perfect sense actually. :)