Sunday, October 18, 2009

Maui Day 6

Naked "Superfood"

Leftover Pizza Slice
A Big Pile of Lettuce (and a couple bites of some ahi tuna that was WAY over cooked)

We lounged by the pool today and when we got back to the room and just sort of munched on chips and pico de gallo while we watched the sunset. The ironic thing is that I bought Loren Cordain's Paleo book today...the day I decide to just cram all sorts of crap into my body...nice. Well, on a positive note, I feel really funky this morning (Sunday) so... And, another thing...I'm not even really that excited about pizza and chips so, I basically just ate them because they were alcohol to blame for this, just lack of willpower...but, it's a new day and I just need some fresh veggies! Grilled fish and vegetables...

We didn't do a workout today, per se, but we are becoming quite the entertainment for the other lounging guests. We bought a little mini football and a set of paddles to play paddle ball so today, we played for our exercise! :) I think the guests are impressed by my spiral...well, one older gentleman said I could go pro...I'm just saying...we're still working on our paddle ball game.

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