Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chicago Day 2

Lunch (at Lou Malnati's):
Personal Chicago-Style Pizza ("The Lou" w/Spinach, Mushrooms, and Roma Tomatoes)

So...we sort of had to! We visited the popular pizza place, "Lou Malnati's" just so that we could experience Chicago-style, we did it and now we've got that out of our systems...great place, but think if I'm going to be eating's going to be thin crust...I should probably wait to get back home before posting that...

Dinner (at Fulton's in the River):
Seafood Tower w/Shrimp, Oysters, Crab Legs, and Tuna Tartare
Seafood Cioppino

Fulton's "Famous" Banana Cream Pie* (just a couple bites)

*Another non-Paleo item I just had to try! I LOVE banana cream pie, and more specifically the Ruth's Chris version with the thin flaky crust and banana-white chocolate mousse filling and bruleed bananas...seriously amazing! Anyway...when I saw that the Fulton's version was made with NutterButter cookie (probably my favorite cookie ever...that I haven't had in who knows how many years...) crust, I had to at least give it a, I did! Crazy good!

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