Friday, September 25, 2009

Paleo Day 12

Three Eggs (1 Egg/2 Egg Whites) Cooked Over Easy
Toasted "Nutty Bread"

I've had a craving for a piece of toast with an over easy egg (I just really like that runny yolk...) and was finally able to satisfy it late this morning. I'm seriously loving this bread and think that it could make my Paleo stint that much more enjoyable. If you're having any sort of bread craving, I'm telling you, you have to try this recipe! I'm going to make two loaves this weekend and do a little experimenting...I think it would be really good with the addition of some mashed up bananas or grated zucchini...which makes me think...either of those would make a really great french toast! YUM!

Banana Bread Lara Bar
*Iced Espresso w/Coconut Milk

*I have not had coffee since my trip out to CA...and before that, who knows how long, therefore, I am not going to feel guilty about this "indulgence". :) I'm about to embark on a deep cleaning mission and decided that this would be just the sort of thing to kick me into gear! So, rather than the "Iced Quad Venti Two Pumps Sugar Free Vanilla NonFat Latte" that I might normally order, I went with an "Iced Venti No Water Americano", to which I added coconut milk and a splash of vanilla extract...actually pretty not so bad...hopefully this will get me motivated.

Red Leaf Lettuce Wrapped Grilled Shrimp w/Red Bell Pepper, Carrot, Microgreens, Jalapeno, Basil, and Mint

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