Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Paleo Day 2

Hard Boiled Egg Whites (2)
Smoothie w/Water, Orange, Mango, Strawberries, Frozen Bananas, Apple, and Pineapple

Red Leaf Lettuce Wrapped Flaked Salmon (w/EV Olive Oil, Lemon) and Avocado

Salmon, Yellowtail, and Tuna Sushi Rolls and Sashimi at Fin (no rice)
Seaweed Salad

My cousin, Jenny, (also experimenting with Paleo) treated us to dinner at one of our new favorite sushi spots, Fin. Fin makes a few rice-free rolls that are both tasty and beautifully presented; we ordered these and also had a couple of our favorite rolls (spicy tuna and rainbow) modified to suit our Paleo needs. The spicy tuna roll (normally made with tuna, sambal, cucumber, seaweed, and rice) was created using extra spicy tuna (tuna and sambal) as a substitute for the rice...actually better tasting than the standard version and without the normal bloat that comes with your standard rice-enveloped sushi rolls. I'm thinking that the sambal (in the spicy tuna rolls) may not be a normally accepted Paleo food item, but with that as an exception we were able to fulfill our Paleo dietary needs tonight and we all left satisfied, rather than engorged.

CrossFit Workout:
Run 1/2 Mile
10 Broad Jumps
10 Lunges

Three Rounds of:
5 Modified Handstand Push Ups (Using an 18" Box instead)
10 Bench Press (65lbs)
15 Push Press (45lbs)
20 Dips (Band Assisted)


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