Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Raw Day 4

Smoothie made with Coconut Water, Almond Milk, Raw Honey, Frozen Pineapple, Mango, Bananas, and Blueberries (inspired by p. 78 of RFRW)
Handful of Granola

Red Beet Raviolis (inspired by a recipe on p. 176 of RFRW) w/yellow pepper puree, herbed cashew "cheese", red kale microgreens, and pistachios

I modified this recipe by using cashews instead of pine nuts in the pepper puree. I also decided to strain the puree, to give it a more smooth consistency, and then continued to puree the reserved mixture with more cashews, olive oil, and lemon make a "cheese" or dip. The cheese mixture, that I've been using for the lasagna, was used for this recipe with the addition of fresh tarragon and parsley.
I used baby beets (sliced and then marinated overnight with lemon, raw walnut oil, and sea salt) for this recipe which could make a nice little appetizer or starter course if served on individual plates, as pictured above. For lunch, I used six baby beets thinly sliced on a mandolin; this made five substantial raviolis...or, I guess my version looks more like a napoleon. Either way, this recipe was flavorful and could be modified by substituting a sun-dried tomato puree for the pepper and adding pesto or basil to the "cheese".

Pre Workout Snack: Smoothie w/Young Coconut Milk and Meat, Almond Milk, Frozen Banana, Cocoa Powder (Green and Black's Organic Cocoa)

Market Salad
w/sprouted quinoa tabouleh, sprouted sunflower seeds, baby beets, and avocado vinaigrette

I'm realizing that if you have a few hours or are willing to make a few hours, at the beginning of your week, creative and seemingly involved meals are not that difficult to assemble throughout the week. This salad is a good example of a healthy, colorful, and flavorful meal option, using ingredients that I had either prepped or made on Sunday. I used a great avocado based citrus dressing (recipe on p. 96 of RFRW), tabouleh made earlier in the week, beets that I had sliced on the mandolin and marinated in lemon and walunt oil, sunflower seeds I had soaked and sprouted, and the chips leftover from the tacos I made on Monday. Tonight's dinner was a matter of taking tupperware out of the fridge and tossing the ingredients together.

CrossFit Workout:
Run 1 Mile
~and ~
Two Rounds of:
10 Push Ups / 10 Box Step Ups (24") / 10 Ring Pull Ups
75 Power Snatches (55lbs)
~and~ 50 GHD Sit Ups

One concern that I had, when making the change to eating raw, was my energy level and strength in relation to my CrossFit workouts. So far I've been amazed at not only my energy level throughout my workouts, but also my sleep throughout the night. I'm sleeping well the last few nights, likely because my body's not working overtime to digest the foods that I've filled it with during the day. I feel strong, energized, and cleansed and am looking forward to the days ahead.

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