Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm Back.

Mom, Me, and My Little Sister

I survived my trip to SLC and I survived my first time snowboarding. Actually, I loved it! I really had no idea what to expect, my first day; I really had nothing to compare it to and truly had no expectations. I had a really cute outfit (thanks to my sister), two knowledgable instructors (my sister and her boyfriend), and I was, I felt good about what lie ahead.

We went up on a Friday and it seemed like we had the mountain almost to ourselves. It was sunny and the snow was nice and fluffy...pretty perfect actually. I felt really good about my first day, as I didn't fall too much and "heel-edge" felt pretty natural. I feel pretty confident in saying that I owe this to CrossFit...yes, I can confidently say, "functional training" will prepare you for just about anything. Here I am learning to strap in and out of the board (that took a little while to get the hang of):

My sister's boyfriend is an awesome skier, but he's also a really great coach...I feel so lucky to have had that one-on-one coaching, as I saw quite a few groups that were not receiving the sort of attention that I got. This made a huge difference in my overall experience. Thanks, Matt!

As far as food is concerned, we ate really clean (Thai curry, Steak w/veg, Frittatas, Burgers no bun, Bratwurst...) during our trip, with exception to this (a snowboarding tradition for my sister, in which I had to partake):

But, after the four of us shared this pile of tastiness...I did this:

I'm pretty sure that there were magnetic forcefields in the woods, causing my board to be drawn into them...
Day 2 of my snowboarding adventure we recapped "heel-edge" and after a few diggers, I decided to rest (i.e. have a brat and a beer...yes, I had a beer). I realized that my left boot was totally loose inside, so after getting that adjusted, I headed up the lift for "toe-edge" with my sister. She had me "bear crawl" for a bit and then did this cool sort of dance (me facing the mountain, her facing downhill) with me...awesome!!! And, I got it..."toe-edge"! I started down the mountain on my heels and then swooped onto my toes and then..."toe-stop"! Woohoo!!! I think the coolest part, of my two days on the mountain, was my sister's face when I got it. What a fun time...I can't wait to do it again!

With regard to food, I packed my favorite local sausage for frittatas each morning so breakfast was covered. We also ate the following meals:

We had some really great meals, both cooked in and eaten out, most (see above nachos and a little rice in a few of our sushi rolls, Valentines Day) of them Paleo and all of them delicious! And, though we made good food choices, we were not perfect. And, on that note, I will end this post with this...Salt Lake City brews some really tasty microbrews. ;) Now it's back to super clean eating and some serious WODs.

Don't worry...I haven't forgotten about my promise of a jerky recipe! Look for that post Sunday!

I love trying local microbrews, when traveling...what's your non-Paleo splurge of choice? 


JP said...

Jen my wife and I have been following your blog since the Super Bowl... loved the snacks you had listed. I'm really interested in trying those post WOD yam things too... I felt compelled to post today because I noticed you just got back from a snowboarding trip. Congrats on your first time riding and on staying as Paleo as possible... I myself just finished my first week back after an EPIC snowboarding trip up to VT. I blogged a bit about the experience (the good and the bad) over the past few days. Check it out if you have time...

Trixie said...

Jen, I love that your a real person..meaning you enjoy some treats every now and then:) I really enjoyed pancakes while away on vacation in Australia..their dairy & yogurt was excellent as well!