Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Heading to SLC

I'm off to Salt Lake City, UT this weekend, to visit my sister and meet up with my mom (a.k.a. "Jen's Mom's Gone Paleo), who I haven't seen since September. I'm pretty excited!!! 

My sister and Mom are both really great cooks, so I hope to get some fun new ideas to share with you all...no pressure, ladies. I also hope to come back in one piece, as I will be snowboarding for the first time...I'm a little nervous! So, wish me luck and feel free to leave any snowboarding tips you may have, in the comments. Lauren's friend, Matt has offered to give me some lessons Friday, but every little bit helps...so, share away! Otherwise, I'm packing fish oil and lacrosse balls and hoping for the best...

My "Teachers"
I'll be sending updates to my "Jen's Gone Paleo Facebook Page", if you'd like to join me.


Dawn said...

Jen! Love your site! I try out your recipes all the time...

I live in SLC and started snowboarding 10 y ago at age 27, never even really skied before... so it is possible! Don't be scared!

My snowboarding advice: learn at Brighton (good baby hills), take a lesson (not an informal one from a friend but a real one), and hope for powder (to soften the falls). You will have a GREAT time! Cheers!

jencereghino said...

Thanks, Dawn!

I've been skiing 3x...here are my experiences:
-wore jeans...probably don't need to say anything else
-wore really tight 70s-style bib, loaned to me by my mom...she said that's what skiers wore; I was in high school in the early 90s...so not cool!
-the rental skis I wore had loosened bindings, in case I crashed, that I left up the hill every time I fell...which was often.

So...hopefully this goes a little more smoothly. :) I'm borrowing clothes from my sister, so I'll be warm, getting lessons from her friend, who is an instructor, and we're going to be at Brighton...NICE! And, aren't you guys getting new, fluffy snow right now? Sounds like I may be alright! I'll keep you posted. :)

Amy said...

Boarding rules! My advice, make sure you fall on your arse NOT your knees! Practice makes perfect..you will rock it! (athletes always do!) And take a few advil after..and a cocktail ;) Have fun!