Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spice Up Your Paleo Cooking!

Recently Williams-Sonoma added some really cool spice mixes to their product line...I'm in love! Meat and vegetables are about to get a little (lot) more exciting!

In my opinion, if you want this way of eating to feel like a lifestyle (which it is), as opposed to a diet (which it's not) you need to enjoy the food that you're creating and eating. I eat food that is good for my body, but I definitely need/want to enjoy it. A good steak really only needs salt and pepper (and butter doesn't hurt), but chicken, pork, a few random cuts of beef...please give me something more. Enter spice mixes! Whether you purchase from WS or just use their mixes as inspiration, don't be afraid to add a little spice to your cooking. You have the potential to turn a bland stir-fry of meat and veggies into an international delight and totally recreate a meal remake with just a little added spice. 

Here are a few examples:

Liven up your Stir-Fry with Chinese Five Spice or turn it into a flavorful curry with an exotic Curry Blend and the addition of coconut milk...Japanese, Thai, Indian, African...there are so many options. 

 I made this Salmon with a little raw honey, fresh orange, sea salt Cinnamon, Smoked Paprika, and Ancho Chile Powder:

I was inspired to liven up this Sweet Potato Gratin, by this spice "recipe"...oh, so good! 

Season this Roast with Ras El Hanout and serve with roasted Butternut Squash and Spinach for a Moroccan-style flavor. Or, this Wild Porcini Sea Salt, Carrots, and Parnips for a more earthy, hearty meal. 

This Slow Roasted Chicken has so much potential; use Pizza Seasoning and serve shredded, over Spaghetti Squash for an Italian-inspired meal. Or, season with Lemon Herb and serve with Summer squash, for a more vibrant, light meal.

Use a unique Spice Blend to change up the flavor of this budget-friendly Chicken Hash:

Turn this Butternut Squash Soup into something a little more special, with Japanese Curry

No, I don't work for Williams-Sonoma and I have not tried all of these spice blends...I just felt the need to share. I visit their website often, for recipe inspiration and have recently tried their Smoked Sea Salt, Wild Porcini Mushroom Salt, and Sumac (a really interesting way to "freshen" a rich dish)...all have been really tasty and fresh-tasting. Peruse their site and order them for yourself or just look for inspiration and buy them elsewhere. You can always create your own blends, usually at a significant's just a matter of getting the blend just right. 

Here are some Spice Blends that I've made and used at home. Enjoy!


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