Monday, September 27, 2010

Nope...I Still Don't Like to Run.

Maybe I should rephrase that...I still don't like running around a parking lot; running in circles, until I've finally completed a mile...

Three Eggs* Scrambled w/Goat's Milk Butter

*Just in case you forgot...always Omega-3 enriched, free-range, organic. 

Salad (romaine) w/Black Olives (5), Cucumber (1/2), Cherry Tomato (6), Leftover Salmon** (4oz), and Mixed Herb Vinaigrette (Lemon)

**I grilled salmon the other night, using a little raw honey, this spice rub (I made this last year and it's still good to go...nice!), and thinly-sliced oranges. 

Blue Cheese Burger (no bun, no sauce, no blue cheese, extra lettuce) at Village Burger Bar
Handful (about 8) of Sweet Potato Fries

10x2 Back Squats

The goal was to get to about 80% of your 1RM (rep max) and then do the last five sets at that weight, so I found my 1RM at 155lb (I think I might actually be able to go a little heavier next time, as I was in a little bit of a funk for this afternoon's WOD) and then decided on 135lb for my last sets. 

With a 12-Minute Running Clock:
Run 1 Mile
5 Pull Ups
10 Clapping Push Ups

I ran the mile*** in 6:55 and then completed 2 Rounds plus 2 Pull Ups. This was my first time doing clapping push ups...interesting. I'm pretty sure I'll be feeling those tomorrow...try a set of'll see what I mean. Pull ups were supposed to be dead-hang, but I did kipping which felt really good. 

***Our mile is actually a little less than a mile, so...I'm guessing that would put me at about 7:30 in a "real" mile. I'll take it! But, seriously...I really need to work on my running. I think I just need a more inspiring running location. I love to run in the mountains, in the wilderness, anywhere that's not concrete, really. The weather has been really mild the past few days so, who knows, maybe I'll (we'll?) go running this weekend! Scott!?

BTW...have you checked out Kelly Starett's blog, MobilityWOD? If you haven't, you should. And, check out this video for a great pre-squat stretch session.


Trixie said...

I hate running too!! Suprised you don't like it seeing as how fast you are:)

Sanieh Patricia Bjorklund said...

stop the press! you can do clapping pull ups?! Holy shit!