Monday, June 21, 2010

Paleo in Playa and Our 6-Year Anniversary

Steak and Pork al Pastor with Avocado (from Carboncitas)

The first might we headed into town for a late lunch at Carboncitas. I don't (didn't) eat pork, but Becky recommended their pork al pastor, served on tortillas with a slice of pineapple. In an attempt to be somewhat Paleo )no, beer is still not considered Paleo...), I ordered this pile of delicious meat. This was me branching out into the world of pork...yes, I had my first major encounter with pork (since I was 10) in Mexico. Good call! This was SO incredibly moist and flavorful! The beans, although smoky and flavorful, were not eaten. Cold Mexican Beer + el Pastor = Perfection!!!

The next day we ventured out of town into Akumal and Tulum for a little snorkeling and relaxation.

Greek Salad:


Tree House for beer drinking and whatnot...dangerous or adventurous!?

Bar swings...hmmm...

Half Moon Bay (Akumal):

Once we got back to town we headed out for dinner at El Fogon, a little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant, frequented by the locals. I ordered the taco al pastor with pineapple and loved every bite of that little morsel! I also shared the meat extravaganza (beef, pork, chicken, chorizo, onions, and cactus...oh my!) pictured below, with Bill and Scott.

After dinner we headed out for gelato; it should be noted that we were in the presence of our friend Bill, who happens to have the uncanny ability to turn anything into a competition...this one, we called "Gelatocide". I know...wild. :)

There are about a bazzillion gelaterias in the downtown area, but our (the guys) focus was going to be 5th Ave...the goal: eat gelato at every gelateria and end the challenge with ice cream at Haagen Dazs...yeah...strange. The winner was Bill, who consumed about 15 scoops of gelato and finally this concoction from HD:

The Beginning:

The next morning we were picked up at 9am and headed out for a catamaran trip in Catamaya. They served your choice of steak, shrimp, lobster, or hamburger...Scott and I had shrimp and steak (cooked perfectly!).

That night we headed back into town for dinner with our friend Kendall (who lives in Playa during the Summer, teaching yoga and enjoying life...nice!), to celebrate our 6th anniversary.

Chliean Sea Bass w/Veggies:

Gniocchi w/Lobster and Asparagus:

The following pictures are taken at the beautiful home that Becky found for our stay...right on the beach and a really quick walk in to town...perfect!

Coconuts at our fingertips:

And, a view from the pool:

From the patio:

Brent, Cindy, Becky, Bill, Me, and Scott:

Thank you, Becky for planning this incredible weekend! Together we celebrated our 6-year anniversary, Cindy's Birthday, and Father's Day...good times! When's our next trip to Playa!?


Jen said...

My hubby and I were in Playa a few years ago at Moon Palace and had a great time! We also went to Tulum and saw the Mayan ruins, which were fascinating. Great photos!

jencereghino said...

Thanks, Jen! It was more beautiful than I expected...and, my friend, Becky, planned a pretty incredible stay for us...the perfect beachfront house, a catamaran trip, a driver to take us to some awesome snorkel spots and beaches, and of course some really tasty restaurants! I can't wait to go back! We didn't fit the Mayan ruins into this trip, but would like to visit them on our next visit...maybe when it's a little cooler. :)

Nikki said...

Was surfing the web for paleo recipes in my attempt to get back on track. Beautiful vacation photos. My Husband and I visited Akumal once and fell in love with this side of Mexico. A few years later we were married in Isla Mujeres. Also enjoyed your Manzanita pics. We have a family beach cabin in Cannon Beach. The coast is so beautiful. Looks like you guys had wonderful trip and great weather!

jencereghino said...

Nikki~ Akumal was absolutely beautiful! We've visited Puerto Vallarta and Cabo, in the past and I would definitely have to agree...I'm in love with this side of Mexico, as well. I can't wait to go back.

Our annual Manzanita trip is my favorite trip of the year. My husband's grandparents have lived there for a little over 30 years. We've been visiting together for 7 and my parents began joining us 3 years ago. Have you ventured in to Manzanita on your trips to Cannon Beach? Cannon Beach is such a great little town! We always take a day to wander around town to shop and hit up the little brewery there. This year we discovered EVO ( and would like to try their Farmer's Market dinner next year. We also realized that we could do the bulk of our food shopping at the Farmer's Markets (Friday in Manzanita and Tuesday in Cannon Beach), which made our meals that much more fun and easy to create.

Also, have you hiked Neahkahnie Mtn.? That is a beautiful little hike!

Thanks for reading and I hope you found the recipes you were looking for!