Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Apologize for My Absence...

but, I've had a new job to tend to:

I started working for a pretty amazing yoga studio, as the new Marketing Director, and have found that my time for blogging has diminished quite a bit. So, I apologize for my absence, but want you to know that I am still going strong!

Here's what I've been up, since Tuesday:

Rest Day

3x10 Deadlifts @ 155lbs

I didn't have time to stick around for the rest of the workout (lunges and burpees), as I was going to this:
Yoga & Miracles...yeah, it was pretty awesome! Two hours of yoga, finished with a little Italian wine and Vosges chocolate...seriously tasty and incredibly unique. No, not Paleo, but totally worth every savory moment of indulgence!

Chocolate Covered Happiness @ The Mat Yoga Studio

Rest Day

Rest Day

Yoga (60 Minutes)

Yoga (60 Minutes)

I'll be back to a more consistent CrossFit routine, next week. I'm finding that the yoga practice is not only helping me to increase my flexibility and be more aware of my breathe, but also has helped me in my lifts and pull ups. While my strength continues to increase, the flexibility that I'm gaining is helping me to more comfortably and naturally complete the CrossFit movements.

As far as eating is concerned, I've been eating a pretty typical breakfast of Omega-3 Eggs with buffalo and avocado...but, recently tried elk (I've had it once before) and ostrich! I prepared them both as I do the buffalo, by first browning, but still leaving pink, and then adding the whisked eggs, and placing the hot pan in a preheated 350F oven...fritatta-style.

My lunches have consisted of huge salads with grilled chicken or salmon and lemon vinaigrette.

I've eaten a couple of burgers, without the bun, served with a salad. I've also had sushi, without the rice. And, tonight I ate a leftover spicy tuna roll (wrapped in seaweed, no rice), followed by one small piece of this Vosges chocolate:

Yes...it was the perfect little chaser! :)


Barbara said...


Can I purchase one of those shirts? LOVE IT!!!

jencereghino said...

Yes! Aren't they great!? Email me and we'll work out the details.


Scott said...

Yes, you are back posting!! I want you to post some more really cool pictures of new succulent dishes that you are going to prepare.....for me!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that shirt, as well! I would also like to purchase one. I will email you, as well.

This is my first time posting a comment. I'm new to the Paleo lifestyle and am enjoying reading through your archives.

Jen in Florida