Monday, January 11, 2010


Two Eggs* Scrambled w/Ground Buffalo (6oz.) and One Zucchini (julienned with this)

(Not my most beautiful work, but tasty and satisfying, nonetheless...)

*Since I eat so many eggs (something I'm just not willing to cut back on...), I am using Omega-3 eggs, so that I might increase their nutritional benefit. And, I didn't use I'm trying to decrease my usage, for no other reason than I think that I probably should. We'll see how that goes...

Carrot Soup w/Ras el Hanout 

Scallops (8oz) Seared in Avocado Oil
Sweet Potato Gratin w/Ras el Hanout

I'm blaming the mass consumption of Ras el Hanout on this woman. I'm trying really hard not sprinkle it on/in everything...

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