Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Last Day in Maui

Seared Ahi w/Pineapple-Tamarind Sauce
Whole Moi w/Veggies
Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahimahi Stuffed w/Lobster, Crab, and Maui Onion

Our last meal in Maui was amazing! We ventured out to Mama's Fish House which happens to be the most raved about restaurant on the island. The view is incredible and the fish is caught locally and daily...you can't get it any fresher! My fish was served whole, but it just fell off the bones and was incredibly moist and easy to eat. We both loved everything that was served to us and will definitely plan on returning.

I will post pictures once my camera battery is charged! :)

Mixed Greens w/Jicama, Cucumber, Tomato, and Greek Vinaigrette
One Really Funky Ravioli

Mango Tango Odwalla

Our dinner and snack were served on the flight home. We were lucky enough to sit in first class so we didn't feel the need to pack food on for our flight. The salads were huge and really tasty...a nice surprise. The meal options, on the other hand, left little to write about. The options, beef with mashed potatoes and shitake cream sauce or cheese raviolis...neither one thank you. I did eat one mushy ravioli...

So, on the way home I finished a book, slept a bit, and then woke up to enjoy my Mango Tango smoothie. We're home now and feeling a little off. We left at 4:55pm Maui time and returned home at 5:30am Dallas time, so needless to say our minds and bodies were a little confused. I finally started feeling right at about 12pm today. Back to reality tomorrow!
One last beach shot before the long trip home:

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