Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back in Action.

My Mom-in-Law and Grandma-in-Law left yesterday morning, so we're back to our normal routine around here. We had a really great visit with them but, as you may have noticed from my previous post, didn't eat even close to perfect or really get in much exercise...actually, does walking at the fair count!?

So, I've been back to clean eating since Tuesday but was still feeling a bit sluggish for yesterday's's funny how food works, isn't it? Here's how the past two days have gone down:

Three Eggs Scrambled w/Butter
3oz Leftover Spicy Tuna and Salmon (no rice)
Scoop of Sunbutter

60-Minutes of Yoga (8:30am)

CrossFit (4:30pm)
20 Reps Each of:
Hang Cleans (25lb)
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat

40 Kettlebell Swings (35lb)
20 Pull Ups
400M Run
30 Kettlebell Swings (35lb)
15 Pull Ups
300M Run
20 Kettlebell Swings (35lb)
10 Pull Ups
200M Run


My not eat spicy tuna, or spicy anything for that matter, before doing a workout that involves kettlebell swings and running... My kettlebell swings were done unbroken for the first and third set and in two sets on the second; my pull ups were awful. My shoulders are wrecked today.

Four Eggs and Goat Cheese (1oz) Scrambled w/Butter
Blue Burger (no blue cheese, no bun, extra lettuce, add jalapenos) from Village Burger Bar
w/Sweet Potato Fries (handful)

Work to a 3RM (Rep Max) of:
Back Squat: 145lb
Deadlift: 185lb

I also worked on my 95lb "Clean and Jerk", for Saturday's "Barbells for Boobs" felt really good!

*I skipped a couple of meals, yesterday and today; I just feel like it's important to listen to your body and I like the idea of letting my body take a digestive break every so often. I skipped dinner last night, because I just wasn't feeling hungry; I did, however, eat a small scoop of Organic Sunbutter to stave off any potential late night hunger. I woke up feeling great this morning. This morning, I increased my fat and protein, so that I could feel satiated longer and try working out (4:30pm) a little more empty. My workout felt really good and I felt energized. I followed my workout with a lot of protein and fish oil.

I don't have any sort of fasting schedule, but like to do it every so often when I feel that my body needs it. If I'm planning it, I will usually eat my regular breakfast and then skip meals for the rest of the day; it's just what works best for me.

Has anyone else tried fasting for health? What has your experience been? 

CJ~ I use a really sharp knife (Wusthof or Henckels), for slicing my onions. But, if you don't trust your knife skills or are slicing a mass amount, you can try a mandoline (I like the OXO mandoline) or a food processor (I have a Cuisinart).


Trixie said...

I've tried fasting, and didn't care much for it. I had a really hard time not feeling hungry and cranky. I think I'd do better just not eating when not hungry vs going out of my way to make time for a planned fast. I also found I would be super hungry after and wind up stuffing my face.

Emily said...

I don't eat dinner on most Monday and Thursday nights because I go from work to class which ends at 10pm. Sometimes I don't get home until 11pm. I just eat a little more during lunch and some extra protein (hard boiled egg, beef jerky) for my PM snack. When I get home I might take a scoop of almond butter from the jar, a handful of almonds or some sweet potato fries if I have some already made. On weekends I usually don't eat or eat very little and that depends on if I'm just hanging out alone and if I've worked out. If I have class on the weekend I'll eat but not 3 meals/2 snacks like I usually do during the week.