Sunday, July 18, 2010

'Dark Horses', 'Wheelhouses', and The "SF Crippler"...

I was wondering...did anyone count the number of times that the announcers used the terms 'Dark Horse' and 'Wheelhouse'!? Just curious...

Two Eggs Scrambled w/Spinach (2 cups), Blueberries (1/2 cup), and Goat Cheese (2oz)

Believe it, or not, this concoction was really good! It is the result of an empty fridge. I had two eggs, a little blob of goat cheese, half of a big tub of baby spinach, a strainer full of blueberries, and a handful of grapes left in my fridge. I'd read about people using peaches in their scrambles and thought what the heck...the grapes didn't make it in, but the blueberries were really good! Try this!!!

Handful of Blueberries
Scoop of Organic SunButter

Chipotle Turkey Breast (6oz)
Cucumber (1 large)

Chipotle Turkey Breast (3oz)
Pink Lady Apple

100 Double Unders
Back Squat Movement Practice:

"SF Crippler"
30 Back Squats (115lbs)
1000M Row


I tried to do more double unders, for practice, right after this WOD and couldn't even get my legs to jump. Yeah, that's gonna feel good in the morning... Also, I got the 3- 135lb back squats fairly easily, but decided that I would go with 115lb, for two reasons, (1) I can "clean" 115lb, should I need to drop the weight (with 135lb I'd need to remove 20lbs, as 115lb was my max "clean", last time I checked) and (2) I'm pretty sure that I'd get to the point with 135lb that I'd be doing one squat at a time and didn't really feel like that was the intent of this WOD. So, I'm happy with my decision but will likely have trouble walking in the morning. My hamstrings are already feeling this least I know I was staying back on my heels in my squats...

I had to run in to work tonight and didn't do my workout until around 8pm. By the time I was done working out it was 8:30pm (I normally try to work out between 4-5pm, so that I can be done eating by 7pm) and I wasn't that hungry, so I ate something light. 


Trixie said...

Those macaroons look like a must have! Do you order them online then?

jencereghino said...

Just be careful...I usually just avoid that section of Whole Foods, because these things are addicting and should be avoided at all cost! :)

We are lucky (or unlucky?) that Hail Merry is based in Dallas, TX, so her products can be found at a few of our local grocery stores. I believe most people will have to order her products online. They're just one of those things that I like to indulge in every once in awhile.

I did recreate this cookie, but since I don't have a dehydrator, I was unable to get the exact consistency. The flavor, however, is pretty close! You can actually just make this recipe and eat the "dough" raw, as it is a raw food product and creates a consistency pretty close to the Hail Merry cookie.

So, you might try making them first.

Here's my recreation:

And, remember...these are highly addicting. Consider yourself warned! :)

Danielle said...

yumm! I just made this with strawberries and didn't scramble the eggs. SO delicious :) I would never think to cook fruit with eggs.

jencereghino said...

Isn't that crazy!? Loved this combo! I'm glad you tried it. :)

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