Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mixing Up the Breakfast Routine

Three Eggs Scrambled w/Asparagus (5, sliced), Chives and Goat Cheese (1oz)

No, goat cheese is not necessarily Paleo, but I love it and, every once in a while...I eat it! This scramble is the perfect Springtime breakfast! I have my asparagus already sliced up and waiting for me in the fridge and the chives I just snip (with a pair of kitchen scissors) over the top.

Turkey Breast (4oz) w/Avocado (1/4 Large)

Fish in Tomato Sauce from the Euro Deli

I really love this stuff, but have to say...the bones can be a bit much. Though they are a good source of calcium, I prefer to eat my canned/jarred fish without the bones. Oh well...this was a perfect meal on the fly.

Turkey Breast (2oz)
Avocado (1/4 Large)

Yoga (60 Minutes)

2x10 Seated Shoulder Press (45lb)

3x3 Shoulder Press

And...I got 20 kipping pull ups in a row!!! Woohoo!!!

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