Monday, March 15, 2010

CrossFit Sectionals and a Day of Major Cheat Meals

It was pretty ironic that the one day I chose to go on an all-out food bender, was also the day we decided to drive up to Oklahoma to watch our friend, Tim, compete in The South Central CrossFit Sectionals...oh well, I wasn't competing and I suffered the consequences, so...

This is how it went down:

Three Eggs (as always, Omega-3) w/Avocado (1/2 Large)


*This is where it all Blue Fish in Dallas. I wasn't in the mood for the regular sashimi, so I decided to order this ridiculously obnoxious roll called The Firecracker. I would later regret this decision...

Double Whopper from BK**

**Yeah...I ate a Whopper. I figured I had already clogged my intestines with rice, so I might as well cram some fast-food down my gullet while I was at it. I pretty much ruined any chance of smooth digestion, with this day of eating.

The consequences:
  1. My stomach was crampy, bloated and uncomfortable for the remainder of the day, and the better part of Saturday.
  2. My facial skin was irritated and sensitive
  3. My hands swelled and are still a bit itchy/dry (before going "Paleo", I would get occasional flare-ups of eczema...I'm pretty sure that's what's going on)
  4. I slept (didn't sleep) horribly
So...will I do it again!? Likely least not to that extent. I am a believer in "moderation is key" and feel that I function best when I incorporate random "cheat" items into my eating (as opposed to entire meals), on occasion. So, with that being said, I'm feeling back to good tonight and will use Friday's experience as a reference, the next time I think I want to go crazy with food.

 Now, on to the Sectionals...what an awesome weekend! I had my first real CrossFit experience, at the SouthWest Regionals last year and have been intrigued since. My first experience, which I recounted here, was less than positive, but this display of strength, endurance, and physique peaked my interest and June 1, I signed up. So, to experience it again, with a new respect and understanding, was inspiring. Here are a few pictures from the weekend's events:

WOD #1
Three Rounds of:
Row 500m
10 Squat Clean to Overhead (male-135#/female-83#)
10 Pullups (kipping or strict, chin clearly over the bar, full arm extension at bottom, no butterfly)

WOD #2
50m Sled Drag running forward (male 90#/female-50#)
21 Burpees
50m Sled Drag running backward
15 Burpees
50m Sled Drag running forward
9 Burpees
50m Sled Drag running backward

WOD #3
Run 250m
25 Snatches (75/45)
25 Kettlebell Swings (55/35)
25 Overhead Squats (75/45)
25 Box Jumps (20"/16")
25 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (75/45)
25 Wallballs (20#@10ft / 14#@8ft)
25 Thrusters (75/45)
Run 250m
The Cheering Squad (Jenny, BJ, Scott, Me, and John) w/Tim
We were all exhausted after this weekend of spectating, so I can only imagine how Tim must be feeling today... After all was said and done he placed 22nd and will be moving on to the South Central Regionals, in Fort Worth, May 29-30. We'll be there to cheer you on, Tim!

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