Saturday, November 21, 2009


Grilled Trout w/One Egg

Yes, seems strange but...tasted good! The meal, though tasty in it's own way, was not picture-worthy.

Honeycrisp Apple
Carrots and Celery

Leftover Trout Wrapped in Lettuce w/Avocado and Tomato

Throughout the the day I had random bites of non-Paleo foodstuff...including, but not limited to, a fried dill pickle spear (at the bowling alley). I love pickles! My non-Paleo cheats included:

1. Two fried dill pickle spears
2. One chip dipped in salsa (juast wanted to "test" the salsa...)
3. Two bites of homemade macaroni and white cheddar (needed to make sure it was good, before feeding it to the fam!)
4. One bite of buffalo burger slider (and, ditto for the sliders...)

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