Eating: A Typical Day

My eating varies depending on whether I'm working out that day, or not, but here's a general idea:

Workout Days:

Breakfast (between 7-8am): 
3-4 Eggs + Baby Kale + 2T. Kerrygold Butter

Lunch (between 12-1:30pm):
Leftovers or 
6-8oz Protein + Veggies of some sort + Fat (avocado or oil, from oil+vinegar for dressing)

Snack (only if I eat Lunch earlier in the day and workout later...I would likely skip Dinner if this were the case):
Leftover Piece of Frittata (1/2 of Breakfast portion) or 2 Eggs or Can of Smoked Oysters

Workout (some time between 3:30-5:530pm): 
I CrossFit (at my affiliate, CrossFit Oregon City) 4-5 days/week. I focus on strength (i.e. lifting weights) and shorter [<20-minutes but="" enjoy="" font="" hate="" i="" metcons.="" nbsp="" running.="" sprinting="">

Post-Workout (between 4:30-6:30pm...I normally workout sometime between 3:30-5:30pm)*:
-"Recovery"** (from Stronger Faster Healthier) ~or~
-Leftover Piece of Frittata (1/2 of Breakfast portion) or 2 Eggs or Can of Smoked Oysters or Can of Salmon or Package of Salmon

Dinner (between 6-7:30pm)*:
4oz Protein + Minimal Veggies + Minimal Fat (I want my food to digest quickly, so that it's not affecting sleep)

*If I workout later, I will eat a larger post-workout meal and skip dinner. 
**No, this is not "Paleo", but it is a product that I enjoy and which works for me. 

My main focus is Protein (105-140g) and Fat (Breakfast and Lunch), but I will add more Carbs (usually in the form of yams or squash) if I have a longer workout that day or if I just feel like my body needs them. I eat enough fat at B&L, that I don't really ever feel the need to snack. I find that the times that I do get a craving, I am not drinking enough water or I didn't get enough sleep. Lots of water, good quality sleep, and monitoring good fat, is key to feeling satiated and not snacking. We're totally trained to snack and I don't feel it's necessary. You really just need to play around with your food and figure out what works best for you. I don't count calories at all. I count my protein grams and then eat carbs according to the way that I'm feeling or what I think my body will need. 

Non-Workout Days:

I eat the same, just less. I will occasionally skip dinner and fast from Lunch until Breakfast the next day; this is very rare, is never planned, and is more about how my body is feeling.