Current #s and Goals

Height: 68.75"
Body Weight (BW): 133lbs

1 Rep Max (RM)
Deadlift: 235lbs/275lbs
Back Squat: 185lbs/200lbs
Front Squat: 185lbs
Overhead Squat: 170lbs
Bench Press: 135lbs
Shoulder Press: 90lbs
Push Press: 125lbs
Split Jerk: 180lbs
Clean: 160lb
Clean and Jerk: 160lbs
Hang Clean: 160lbs
Snatch: 123lbs

Max (Unbroken)
Pull Ups (Dead-Hang): 5/10
Pull Ups (Kipping): 24/30
Double Unders: 100

5K Run:
500M Row: 1:37
1000M Row:

CrossFit Total

Current (as of 11/1/2012)
2012 Goal